Sermon Notes

Titus the Triumphant!
8-20-2023, Sunday Morning Service

Titus was Triumphant in his Compassionate Leadership Style
From Now On!
2-12-23, Sunday Morning Service

This sermon focuses on the truth that God's ways are unsearchable and His maneuvers cannot be duplicated. Pastor Gary encourages the church to learn God's voice through His Word and Spirit, and to trust His character, even when they do not understand His ways, and to follow Him.
Predictable Excellence
2-5-23, Sunday Morning Service

In his sermon "Predictable Excellence," Pastor Gary Caudill uses the historical account of Daniel to highlight the value of an excellent spirit, which is derived from the Spirit of God and knowledge of the Word. To maintain this excellence, one must follow principles, show courage, and be consistent. This leads to predictable promotion, as seen in the stories of Daniel and others.
Hilltop Honorariums
1-29-23, Sunday Morning Service

This sermon draws from 2 Samuel 16:1-14, where Pastor Gary parallels the events in the passage to Jesus' life.  He then  emphasizes life's journey through  sadness, tiredness, then ultimately victory & honor. The sermon ends with a reminder that Jesus' followers, too, travel from birth to death to glory.
Ready or Not, It's Time to Push!
1-15-23, Sunday Morning Service

This sermon focuses on the themes of intimacy, travail, and hope as they relate to a person's relationship with God. Pastor Gary emphasizes that worship, trials, and faith are all necessary ingredients towards growth and success when following Jesus.
The Blueprint for a Biblical Blessing!
1-8-23, Sunday Morning Service

This message is about the promises of commitment, empowerment, and security in Jesus Christ, as seen through the historical account of Abraham and referenced in the book of Galatians.
Missions Mania!
1-1-23, Sunday Morning Service

This message highlights the intense passion for Christ necessary for spreading the gospel, the effects it has on one's family, the need for flexibility, and the importance of never losing zeal and always learning in the journey.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
12-25-22, Sunday Morning Service

This message focuses on the truth that Jesus satisfies both humanity's hunger and the Father's hunger. Jesus, born in Bethlehem, is referred to as the Bread of Life who satisfies every hungry and thirsty soul who comes to him. He also satisfies the Father's hunger as he is a righteous servant who justifies many and bears their iniquities, bringing the great reconciliation of the ages.
Staying On Target!
12-11-22, Sunday Morning Service

This message, based on 2 Kings 13:14-19, discusses how divine insight, instructions, and inspiration reveal God's will, way, and wind, emphasizing the importance of staying focused on God's plan for one's life.
My State is NOT My Status!
12-4-22, Sunday Morning Service

This message focuses on Philippians 4:11 and encourages the listeners to view their current circumstances as separate from their spiritual status and to find peace and contentment in the Lord, who strengthens them to overcome all things.